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The Connected EP

by Es x Pandamonium

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My aura... illuminates like sun shining Positivity and passion simultaneously combining Pandamonium with the beats, Es is on the rhyming The two of us represent the notion of mainstream undermining Standing out on paper like bold letters and underlining Such an illness can only be diagnosed as underlying There’s no denying that this is audio dope I’m the plug like mic chords to my throat The bars that I quote, frauds that I smoke This is that uncut raw 100% pure and nothing short of that audio coke Take a hit and get a high that you can never come down from Try to oppose, flawless victory, you know the outcome Whether you flaunt your income, you still get out done Cry baby rappers I cash them outside, surround em 360 degrees revolution I’m sonning these earths 366 days I’m leaps and bounds cunning with words Stunning with puns, not the dumb dumb running his gums But when it’s time to spread truth it’s stuck under his tongue Ineptitude got him silent, only outspoken when talking violent Might as well call you an op bound by a code of silence So defiant, that being wack you like to poster child it Over 30s targeting teens Mp3 pedophiling You should be ashamed ain’t got the ammo for growth Typical, stuck in your safe space as you pander for votes Running that bullsh#% like its gospel, the mainstream took it and run Top 40 mostly plays the worst artists under the sun Try to undo all the groundwork of the greats that came before us Wreaking havoc on the artform till they saw us The underground, purveyors of the 4 elements The raw skills birthed on that shines on to represent Me and Panda cut from a similar cloth United by fate, connected to share our similar thoughts He talks with his hands, he talks with his beats I talk with these thoughts and these bars I conjure up in my sleep Even with eyes shut I’m awake, stay inspired to create And connect with likeminded heads, and people who can relate Metaphorical date with destiny, hopped in a cab Got acquainted, ordered a meal and went dutch on the tab The conversations we had led to this moment in time Decided to combine his beats and his scratches to my rhymes Pretty soon our minds were made up, Connected be the EP Recorded refs, got the bounces back, got them on repeat Project coming together soon to see the light of day Amongst this darkness, we bringing you a brighter way Across the pond and beyond your usual norms Took a break to calm the unruliness of the storm Forewarned when it drops, be sure to place your orders Of this labour of love, appreciate all the supporters...Peace!
Up On It 04:27
Verse 1: To stay sane I’m parting ways from these naysayers Cut the anchors from my ankles for these gains greater Elevation is the name of the game that I’m playing Been playing it for a minute now dividends is raising I learnt a while ago you can’t please them all Between the very many peaks, you’re bound to see some falls But it's all in how you respond in the face of adversity The thin skinned fade away, the strong go on to tame the beast ...I'm here carving my niche Connecting with like-minded heads remains a part of my pitch From the depths to beyond to my peoples across the pond I network to make necks hurt in the form of a song Bless the vibe and lift spirits, ride beats and spit lyrics Followed the steps of the tribe with the pride I’m all in it I side with more vintage type vibes and get on it Feeling’s good when my vibes got many eyes on it Hook: Damn if feels good to see people up on it Vibes is on display and I’m in the mood to flaunt it Self isolated...my creative juices flowing At a moment when I took a break from pandemonium Verse 2: With all the madness going on across the globe Music’s the unifying force since the days of old From the we are the worlds to we’re all in the same gang Beyond race, creed and gender we feel the same things No language barrier it touches the soul When the music comes from a place of love it’s enough to control All of the noise and outside interference to your spirit Obliterates those inner demons as soon as you hear it Pressure and pain weighs hard on the brain The many challenges we face makes it hard to maintain Sometimes, that’s why I turn to creatives for inspiration Catch a vibe throw on the headphones, return from hibernation Embark on a creation, praise supporters for the patience Hit the booth, do what I do and spread the vibes across nations And continents, I’m confident...it's pure and honest It’s always a blessing when the people get up on it Hook: Verse 3 With tensions rising in the air, the evil rears its head Sometimes make my escape rocking headphones in my bed While the groove has the ability to sooth a foul mood How about food for thought or some tunes to style groove Just to prove that there’s an alternate solution to confusion Body rock in your personal space or bop movement Transcending age, sex and creed I pray for fresh emcees And hiphop representatives across many degrees Of longitude or latitude, the attitude is the same Representers of the culture we stay happy you came To party with us, we do it for y’all the listeners And for the deejays in the spot tossing us up in the cut From Canada to UK, its Es and Pandamonium Tracks the deejays spin em like backs on linoleum Floors...been doing this for a minute but still floored When complete strangers vibe to the sh#@ I record Hook:
Scratch chorus: Verse 1 In 98 Maestro Fresh Wes told us to stick to the vision Keep your eyes on the prize, hustle, to stay on course with the mission Hindsight in 2020, I’m on a path that many new Visions I tossed back then, today is a catch 22 Damned if I do, damned if I didn’t that be the truth Visions of being great in endeavours I try to follow with proof ...If I see it then I can be it that’s my motto Seeing it through from conception to reality is the model No time to waste wishing for genies in a bottle Rocking rose coloured glasses but my mission is full throttle Pushing my inner at mach speed, I got plots and schemes On the offense taking everything defenses got for me Vision without a plan of execution is just a dream When these type of visions take over in my eyes you’ve been schemed I’ve been schemed many a time, part of the human condition I’m saying give your vision’s tangible purpose, see them to existence...Vision! Scratch chorus: Verse 2 Y’all could keep your labels don’t connect me like cables Rising my eyes open I’m rocking since cradles/ Uplift em like a ladle stiring the pot Thicken the plot they thinking you not the one/ Nay sayers at best be watching the brick layers and praying less the wall fall back to back one/ C power from the sun this is the kingdom/ Gillbreathing building with my fam what we give em Molding with heat like a killen while blood on the street spilling they killin my people look in the mirror I’m seeing visions/ Still we rise Maya Angelou commissions Poetic from my position phonetically I’m just figuring ways while maneuvering through the maze/ Only time will tell where the power plays Long hour days While my daughters raise pave ways thinking bout a way get out/ And let the soul reroute Scratch chorus: Verse 3 Lock, loaded with plans got my eyes on the prize at hand Zoomed on my target with a focus of firing blam Plotted for years and execution was the final straw Everything I wanted came together before me signing off Dare to dream, but dreams are only as good as the dreamer A dreamer who believes it with drive is the type to achieve it I model this type of thinking across the Es spectrum Analyze the many facets of my life and cross the checklists Met some career goals, but the journey don’t stop Met some bumps in the road but my attitude was no sir I’m not quitting, set examples for my kiddies I’m not kidding Life’s a marathon pace your steps, literally stop sprinting Burning yourself out, make no mistake don’t procrastinate Turn it up a naut, move at a faster pace It's all about the journey rather than the destination Maintain trajectory on the incline of elevation...with your vision Scratch chorus:
I Can't Lose 03:33
Verse 1 ...I’m back on my inspirational sh#@ We in a time of worldly distraction that baits you to quit Enough for the engine that could to lose steam and stop moving Loco motions is so crazy to me...got you In a state of decline, if reflects in the state of our mind Everything you spew in your status you say in your rhymes The power of the spoken word is so real My words are like steel, so hard when they hit you they make you feel Pain and throbbing, peep the ill jargon that I am dropping Standing behind these bars I’m concocting like there’s no option Never dodging the repercussions of what I’m trying to say Even when it's unpopular my inner’s finding a way To get it out and let it out motto refusing to lose Obstacles come in my way and I’m still doing the do Seeking a resource, this virus had me vying for a recourse The thought of being unable to get my words over beats off Was too much of a grueling proposition to bear Unavoidable, bit the bullet move was copping some gear Been recording ever since, here’s a sample and the evidence Been feeling way more liberated than I’ve ever been Boosting the output, self reliance indeed Writing these hot bars, I even melt iron when I breathe Could’ve waddled in my sorrow with a hope and a wish Or just be the go-getter I am take control of my sh#@ Hook(x2): ...I praise the almighty for my blessings Somehow I found a way to pull through when I was stressing When the pressures of this life had me gasping for wind Refuse to lose was my mentality when grasping for wins Verse 2 The only one who can stall me is me I duke it out with my reflection when its stalling my dreams Broken down on the side of the road and in search of a boost My man Panda gave me a lift with the works he produced Got me inspired to write rhymes from a different perspective In the midst of a pandemic was the mission and message A minor detour from my usual, just riding the vibes Mostly finding some sunshine in spite of the times Pushing that dark cloud of grey until I see the sun rays Basque in the glory of my life like beach goers that sunbathe Minimizing the com-plaints…’cause nobody cares Everybody’s got the the weight of their own problems to bear So I walk my reality with head held high Conquer demons, decapitate them and got their heads held high I channel that energy to music, results are therapeutic Package it with brain and soul food for my peoples to consume it Bridge: Hook:
verse#1 (connect) ...Losing my sanity here doing nothing Like a condiment I mustered the urge to do something ...Over this Pandamonium music bumping Extending our reach like an arm’s length to a snooze button To get the room jumping... like it’s PE Keep that same energy till and after we drop this EP Building upon the strength of a mutual admiration By finding a common ground and engaging in conversation Decided... to combine forces and started vibing Got on my ill emcee high horse and started riding Strutting my stuff like a lousy equestrian Hitting every bar’s a walk in the park like a pedestrian Put my best foot forward no half-stepping Slow motion over no motion, tag it as progression The beginning of something quite special indeed DJ Pandamonium and Es got something you need Hook: ...If you feel it in your spirit Get your first up in the air say yeah when I spit it (yeah)….Everyone gather around Es and Pandamonium is the new sound in your town ...Connecting live on all frequencies Lunar eclipse when I’m mooning all you weak emcees ….With more bounce to the ounce Keep it live …If you ain’t about it then bounce verse#2 ...I raise the energy a little Took a break from my conscious lyrics to make you move a little Whether motion in your neck or your back just like khia Either way it don’t matter, every joint I rock is fire Listen, till I’m one with the beat and then I spazz out Writing in my pad or google doc until i pass out ...The kick and snare there and directing me The beat title, sample, vibe determines my trajectory Sometimes it’s all about a vibe, kinda hard to describe If you know it, you can feel it on the inside Next step is to determine the audience Who’s the target demographic of the room full of partyers Male or female, old to the young I try not to overthinking it, at times just go with the gut Sometimes you hit the mark, striking it out of the park Go for it, not trying to be that dog with bite and no bark Hook:


“The Connect EP” is a collaborative project between Canadian emcee, Es and United Kingdom DJ/Producer/Engineer, DJ Pandamonium. The two connected via a DJ Pandamonium post on a Facebook hiphop group page which caught Es’ attention. The two would eventually connect, get better acquainted with each other’s musical prowess, and the rest, you can say is history. This 6 track EP came together within a few months and showcases their mutual love for true school inspired boom bap hiphop. From two different continents, hiphop was the connecting force. It was only right that the project be titled as such. Enjoy!

DJ Pandamonium - djpandamonium.bandcamp.com
Es - esmuzik.bandcamp.com

Promo video - youtu.be/r0s5CjyRUSg

ITUNES, GOOGLEPLAY, SPOTIFY ETC - smarturl.it/theconnectedep


released September 22, 2020

All songs written and recorded by Es, except featured verse on track 4, written and recorded by Solar C. All songs produced, mixed and mastered by DJ Pandamonium. All scratches performed by DJ Pandamonium

All rights reserved 2020.

DJ Pandamonium - djpandamonium.bandcamp.com
Es - esmuzik.bandcamp.com

Promo video - youtu.be/r0s5CjyRUSg

ITUNES, GOOGLEPLAY, SPOTIFY ETC - smarturl.it/theconnectedep


all rights reserved



Es x Pandamonium UK

Canadian emcee, Es and UK DJ/Producer/Engineer, DJ Pandamonium connected via a DJ Pandamonium post on a Facebook hiphop group page which caught Es’ attention. The 2 would eventually connect, get better acquainted with each other’s musical prowess, and the rest is history. The EP showcases their love for hiphop.

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